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The city of Ekaterinburg is the most important scientific, cultural, industrial, business and financial centre of Urals. It is situated in 1667 km from Moscow on the East ridge of the Urals on the Iset river. The population of the city is over 1.3 million people.

The industrial base of Ekaterinburg consists of 140 enterprises representing all the main branches of industry such as mechanical engineering and metal-working. The city enterprises produce a wide range of goods of military and civil industry. Many giants of Russian mechanical engineering are situated in Ekaterinburg. The biggest plants are Uralmash, Uralelectrotiagmash and Ural Optical - Mechanical Plant. The city plays an important part in all the kinds of Urals manufacture. The traditional local faceting works are presented by the jewelry mill Russkie Samotsvety.

Ekaterinburg is one of the largest transport junctions of Russia. It has branched railway and underground system. It has two airports: Koltsovo and Uktus.

There are over 50 commercial banks (Uralvneshtorgbank, Uraltransbank, Zoloto-Platina bank), many insurance companies, 5 stock exchange structures and a great number of the juridical and advertising firms.

Ekaterinburg is a scientific center. Over 50 thousand people work in more then 100 academic, research, construction and project organizations. There are 15 state universities and 36 specialized educational institutions in the city.

In Ekaterinburg there are over 50 representations of foreign firms (from Japan, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, USA, Great Britain etc.), General Consulate of the USA and three American Informational Centers. In 1999 the World Congress of Unesco was established there.

Ekaterinburg is one of the greatest cultural centers of Russia. There are 5 theatres, a Philharmonic Society, a circus and 12 museums in the city. Ekaterinburg owing 15 stadiums and Palaces of sports, biathlon complex, 22 indoors swimming pools, Uktusky sports center with ski jump and over 500 sports grounds is also a famous sport center.

If you are intersted in Arts, we can organize the excursions to the Fine Arts Museum, containing the unique works of iron casting among which is the famous Pavilion exhibited in 1900 in Paris (architect E.Bowmgarten). Also the museum demonstrates the icons dating back to the 16-18 th centuries. Russian art is represented by works of famous Russian painters, such as F.Rokotov, D.Levitsky, V.Tropinin, K.Brulov. The european art is represented by the works of great masters from Holland, France, Germany.

Keen on Science and Engineering, you may visit the Radio Museum, the Geological Museum or the Photography Museum.

If you love theatre, in the evening you are welcome to the numerous theatres to see the performance. Opera, Ballet, Drama, Comedy, Variety Show-everything is available.

Night Life is rich and such famous night clubs as MALAKHIT, LUNA-2000, GOLD Taurus, Old Dublin Irish Pub, Irish yard, City-Bar, and many others, are waiting for you opening their doors every night.

If you are tired of tow life and want to spend some time in the calm surroundings, we can organize many out-of-town trips to Nature and you will be able to see eautiful clear lakes, mountain rivers, fast forests, pictures que places.

Not only in the USA there are ROCKY MOUNTAINS and GREAT LAKES!

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